Traditional Reiki is a Japanese modality that uses symbols to affect the energy centers of the body. Energetic imbalances in these channels manifest themselves in a number of ways including anxiety, headaches, gastric troubles, and many more issues. Reiki attempts to open any blocks in these pathways by pushing energy through to restore balance.

30 minute session - $45


How Reiki works

The world is made of subtle energies vibrating at different frequencies. These frequencies are responsible for everything like light, heat, color, sound, brainwaves, radio signals, and even solid matter. Different cultures have different methods of working with the subtle energies in the body, but the overall message remains the same. If energies inside and outside the body cannot flow properly, it can have adverse effects on the whole body. Many things can interrupt the flow of energy including things as simple as your emotions and the emotions of people around you. Reiki practitioners use a series of chants and symbols to improve the flow and function of energy through your whole being. Reiki helps to restore the body's natural ability to heal and create mental, emotional, and physical balance starting on a vibratory and celluler level. 

What to expect

After filling out a short form you will sit or lie down fully clothed and I will guide you through some simple breathing exercises. Over the course of the session I will place my hands on or above your body in a sequential order. Different people will respond to Reiki differently. Some report feelings of warmth or tingling sensations, intense euphoria and laughter, uncontrollable crying, or nothing at all. All of these reactions are perfectly normal. These just show that the body is processing some energetic blockages that have stuck around for a long time. Please note that after a Reiki session it is normal to experience delayed healing reactions over the next 48 hours as the body readjusts to having energy flow properly again. Working through these mental and emotional blocks is easier said than done, but you'll be glad you did as the result will be a much happier, energetic, and healthier you.